Must be 18 years of age to participate. Gambling can become addictive.



EASYCREDIT BBL - Basketball Bundesliga

At the start of the  2018/19 season, became the official betting partner of easyCredit BBL. Right from the start of this partnership, the betting provider helped shape and celebrate the annual Allstar Day in Trier. Since this very same time, the digital channels of easyCredit BBL are facilitated to present the betting offer to the young and digital basketball fan base.



The cooperation with a real cult figure exists since the company started: the former football professional Ansgar Brinkmann is the official testimonial and ambassador of The book author ("If I were you, I would rather be me") has already successfully taken part in numerous marketing campaigns and is always able to create a rather different, relaxed and funny take on it.



KÖLNER HAIE – “Cologne Sharks” Ice Hockey Club has been partner of the Cologne Sharks since May 2018. Starting the cooperation as “official betting partner”, from January 2019 onwards, when was ‘sponsor of the day’ for the big open-air spectacle in the stadium of the 1. FC Cologne, the ‘DEL Winter Game’, this partnership took the next step and became Premium Partner.

KFC UERDINGEN - Krefeld Soccer Club

The soccer club Krefeld Uerdingen 05 e.V. and have formed a long-term partnership in 2018. Medial presences, joint social media posts, addressing the fans through other activation measures, such as free bets or roadshows for the spectators on site, form the foundation of this cooperation.



The center of the partnership with the traditional Eintracht entails comprehensive activation rights for all team matches, including presences in the stadium, banners on the digital channels and social media contributions. involves the Braunschweig fan community with various online promotions and promotions on site.


DEB – German Ice Hockey Federation

The German Ice Hockey Federation (DEB) has a long-term partner at its side with since the beginning of 2018. In this partnership, special attention was paid to activating the fan base through on-site promotion and via various digital channels. As the "Official partner of the German national ice hockey team", the DEB and celebrated hugh success in winning the Olympic silver medal whilst putting into centre stage of ice hockey fan’s awareness.


CHARITY – Hand in Hand Cup (soccer tournament)

Since the company was founded, has supported the hand-in-hand cup that takes place every year. The charity tournament, raising money for children in need, gets bigger year by year and was able to generate 24,000 EUR last June. 

DVV - German Volleyball Association

The cooperation between and the German Volleyball Association started in 2018. Since then, various projects have been processed, e.g. at the technician beach volleyball tour, the German snow volleyball championships and the volleyball nations league. 


BENNET & DAVID PONIEWAZ – German Beach Volleyball Champions

The German champions in beach volleyball and have been working together since 2018. At the beginning of this cooperation, the Poniewaz brothers were among the top 10 in the national ranking. However - during the second year, the twin brothers performed on a whole new level: the duo was the first team ever to achieve the so-called "sand slam", the win of all 4 German beach tournaments.  


ALEMANNIA AACHEN - Aachen Soccer Club has been Alemannia Aachen's official betting partner since 2019. The service package includes branding presences on the north and south grandstands, online advertising banners and a variety of channels for fans via social media affinities. Activation measures, such as free bets or roadshows for spectators on site form another element of this cooperation.


FORTUNA KÖLN - Cologne Soccer Club

In addition to the Cologne sharks, the partnership with the Fortuna football club is the second partnership of in Cologne. In addition to the extensive activation rights, the core of the partnership builds a large number of banner modules, online and social media contributions. is "Official betting partner of the SC Fortuna Cologne".


ROT-WEIß ERFURT - Erfurt Soccer Club

The partnership between and FC Rot-Weiß Erfurt has existed since 2018. In addition to the activation rights, the core of the partnership are banners on the club website and social media contributions. is "Official betting partner of Rot-Weiß Erfurt".